Our team

Our headquarter is located in Zaandam, The Netherlands which places us close to the main hub of the Dutch cocoa processing industry. We do however have long-term clients who take office all over the world.

Our team consists of nine colleagues. Nine highly qualified experts with specializations in food, freight, and finance. Each of us with vast experience in international cocoa trading and shipping. We maintain daily contact with agents, shippers, and suppliers in cocoa producing countries. Our trading team frequently visit Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, and Nigeria.

As we all know, cocoa production can be influenced by climate and environmental aspects as well as the political conditions in the countries of origin. Online data and communications are extremely useful to keep up with the developments. However, we rather trust upon our own experience and on-the- spot assessment to make reliable forecasts concerning quality, pricing, and delivery.

Additionally, ties are maintained with producing countries in South America as well as in Asia.

In our home-office in Zaandam, our trading team monitor the international market in order to ensure optimal pricing. In addition, we strive to make sure that our products always reach our clients unblemished and on time, by exclusively selecting our shipping partners on proven reliability and accountability.

Our focus is on action; more than just words