What we do

We are cocoa traders. This means we acquire and supply Cocoa Beans and semi-products in all their varieties, directly from the countries of origin. Mainly in Africa: Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Uganda but also reasonable quantities from Latin-America and Asia.

We are defined by our actions. Ensuring a continuous supply of high quality cocoa beans, or semi-finished products for the cocoa industry is our core-business. We do so while keeping our promises and by living up to the high standards and expectations set by today’s and tomorrow’s professionals. Facta International strives to create stability for our customers and stakeholders in a volatile cocoa world market, today.


The cocoa trade stands and falls by the proper documentation of the goods supplied. We do realize that a correct set of documents, for which is paid by our customers, saves a lot of confusion and unnecessary at the final destination. Especially, in times where time is money.


Cash is king in our daily trade. Sourcing cocoa and the logistics in our part of the business is capital consuming. Funding our trade has been taken care of in an efficient way. We buy high and we sell low.

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