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Facta International is a company based out of the Netherlands. We have many years of experience in the supply chain of Cocoa Beans, Cocoa Products and Coffee Beans. Our strong global network and our thorough knowledge of the products and markets have been an enormous help towards our customers. Within our business Risk Management is paramount. We are glad we can share our thoughts and insigths with our partners.

Fruit of the Gods

Ancient Toltec myth

An ancient Toltec myth identifies Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent god, as planter of the cacao trees in the tropics of southern Mexico. He was called ’the God of light, the giver of the drink of the gods chocolate’.

Both the Mayas and Aztecs regarded chocolate as a potent aphrodisiac.

Kaldi From Kaffa


In the 9th century a goat herder named Kaldi from Kaffa  noticed that when his goats were nibbling on the bright red berries of a certain bush, they became very energetic, Kaldi then chewed on the fruit himself. His exhilaration prompted him to bring the berries to the nearest place of worship in the village. After a brief explanation, the head monk deemed the berries to be the ‘Devil’s work,’ and abruptly threw the berries into a nearby fire.

Soon thereafter, a sensual and powerful aroma filled the room that could not be overlooked.

The head monk, who had thrown them in the fire in the first place, ordered the embers be pulled from the fire and for hot water to be poured over them to preserve the smell.

Upon drinking the mixture, they experienced the peaceful, warming, and calming sensation it gave them.

Source: Wikipedia

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